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Making Dreams Come True

Landscape happened by chance say's Meghna. Ever since the age of 15, she wanted to become an Architect and was always intrigued and fascinated by buildings and geometry. 

Armed with a B.Arch degree from CSIIT, Hyderabad, Meghna stepped out into the wonderful world of design gaining experience with various firms in Hyderabad & Bangalore.

THE PINEWOOD STUDIO opened its doors in 2014 with the sole aim to re-imagine the sphere of Landscape Design.

Meghna has a bug in the bone for travel. Exploring new places and food. And yes she surely loves to cook. Being a Dog mom, her love for animals and in particular dogs takes front seat. She actively volunteers for Deven's Hope - A clinic for Abused & Abandoned  Dogs.

Meghna Dulani

Founder & Principal Architect

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

It would not be wrong to call Shashwat the backbone of The Pinewood Studio. 

With a Masters in Management, Shashwat brings in all the right skills to manage The Pinewood Studio.

Not only does he excel at being a great Team leader, he loves numbers and fits right in when it comes to managing the company.

An avid traveler, his love for food and extremely high addiction for adventure is well known amongst his friends. 

He is a great listener, so next time you around their studio, do drop in for a cup of coffee.

Shashwat Gehenwar

Principal Operations

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